It will happen

Six months ago I jumped into another program that has the training that will give anyone that applies the training the ability to make a very good business income. Well I learned what the program has to offer and I went out and applied what I had learned and success was the result. I was […]

I choose YES

I feel like I should fill in the two month long time lag of not posting and bring everything up to date. So I have continued to learn from the JK group posts in FB and going back over, every once in awhile, the lessons in Job Killing and I arrived at the point where […]

Not Sure If I Could Do It

About a month ago I was asked if I wanted to take part in a remodel of an old building and the job would include having to do some physical work. Upon evaluating the job site it was clear that the first order of business would have to be to contact dumpster and get a […]

Persistence Is Key

This post is not going to be about me but I met a guy last week and his story so impressed me that I have to mention it. He is the owner of Thornton pest control pros and his is a great example of persistence paying off. When it comes to being persistent, age does […]

I no longer wonder

I purchased this course and training on SEO and developing leads for local businesses because I had a small amount of experience with the idea of doing so plus I have learned and picked up over the years how to get around on line and perform a wide amount of tasks. So while going through […]

Just What Do I Want?

In my younger  years when I started a business I always plenty of reasons for building the business and most of the time it was for the betterment of the family and what I mean by betterment is to have enough money to continue to pay the bills, feed the growing kids and keep the […]

The Big Why

I Can Do This. I can do this is a phrase that I realized was coming out of my mouth on a regular basis lately. Why, you ask? Well, in order to explain why in a way that you can fully understand I’m going to need to add some context to this story. So let […]

Welcome Welcome To All

Welcome Welcome, I am so very happy that you have come upon this site. I have been doing a fair amount of revising work here on this site and just have not published much up to this point. Stay tuned and make sure you come back often because you are going to be very pleased […]